Hair Color: As the Yato clan appears, Kagura is being taken down by his brother Kamui in a surprise attack. Kagura creates her image as a strong macho man with a big scar on his face. Due to her naive personality, she is often shown to be calmer; doesn't seem to get surprised easily than other Yorozuya members. Having woken up from her sleep by the disturbance, Kagura beat Gintoki and Umibouzu down. When preparing to leave Edo, Sougo is seen with the rest of the Shinsengumi members vowing to return back as Edo's samurai. He became a handsome man-slayer while she became an emotionless chick. After the battle, the Yorozuya is thanked by both diviner families during their departure and Ketsuno Ana via television. Hijikata manages to grab the lower flor and stops falling down. You're the same old crybaby brother of mine. Later, together with the Shinsegumi, Sougo fought against the underlings of Sadasada. Sadaharu undergoes a massive growth spurt, with his head busting through the Yorozuya roof. While they try to restore everything back to normal, they go into multiple universes which none work out good. The effect is transient, she and Shinpachi later on aids Gintoki to fire the antidote to the affected people. This act is witnessed by Gintoki, Shinpachi, Hasegawa, and Otae, to her embarrassment. Okita Sougo ( 沖田 総悟, Okita Sōgo ) is the 1st Division Captain of the Shinsengumi, and was a trainee at Kondou Isao's dojo in his youth. Occupation(s): With the help of other Kabukicho residents, Kagura goes on to take down Saigou. He is the younger brother of Okita Mitsuba who raised him after their parents passed away. Like all Shinsengumi captains, he wears a white cravat around his neck, tucked into a black vest with a yellow lock. Overtaken by a group of reporters, but Okita rejects them one kick. It turned out that Sayaka (whom was originally Kondou's love in the love choriss game) was actually Sougo's right from the start but was forced to pretend to be Kondou's love due to Sougo's sadistic nature of wanting Sayaka to understand how it was to serve someone she didnt fancy. 1 As Shinpachi brings back Tosshi, she is amazed by the change of Hijikata. Kagura accompanies Gintoki to investigate in a club where they meet a real jail warden. He is shown to have evil intentions underneath any good thing he does, and is very blunt, not hesitating to express his observations, disdain towards others, or unflattering perceptions, be it to Hijikata or Kondo (but especially to Hijikata). During the battle, she breaks her wrist and is thrown into Okita, interrupting his own battle. She visits her mother's grave where she finds Umibouzu's bouquet for Kouka. Hair Color: During the process, the four players are too indulged into the virtual reality, they beat everyone in the shop including their teammates, resulting a mess that concludes this arc. As Diamond Perfume arrives and Kagura quickly switches sides and joins them, bringing all of the ladies' ranks up to 6 with hers. Episode: Additionally, he is unexpectedly sensitive to others' feelings when it truly counts, often saving his comrades' lives in battles and even taking on burdens for other people. Gintoki rushes away after leaving Katsuo to them. Kagura is affected by the love potion and falls in love with Shinpachi's glasses. They succeed in finding Kidoumaru, but they also realize that secretly Kidoumaru raises dozens of orphaned children. Kagura and Otae cannot see the ghosts but are possessed by them at the hot spring. and then he kicked the bucket and just died or is still taking a dump for five years. Kagura and Gintoki draw on the only photo they have and eventually come to suspect Hachirou, a man who wears a big afro. Shinpachi goes to the Yorozuya and finds Kagura there waiting for Gintoki to come home. Torturing people Gin-chan and shinpachi had a job, that Kagura … This Gintama تصویر might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک. Sougo Okita x Kagura [OkiKagu], Gintama. To satisfy Hijikata by bringing a few criminals back to the station, he arrests Gintoki as a substitute, since he has a sword stuck up his ass that technically counts as a violation of the sword prohibition law. Sougo forcibly stopped by the head is in the hospital. Amanto (Yato Tribe) Then together they go to the cave, where he comes out of their true personality. Hijikata however, was firm that Kuraba was to be arrested. Shinpachi and Yamazaki eventually come to terms with their rankings, and then the viewers grant them both with #1. Sougo Okita Kagura (Gintama fanfic) by Charlaloo13. As they discover that Elizabeth is actually helping them and the true villain is the death star Sagi. In Gintama the Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya, Sougo is similar to Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. Sougo boards the ship and fights off the attackers until Kamui appears before him. He gives the baby back to Gintoki and dismiss the case, claims that he is busy and promptly nap on the bench. A few years later, Sougo, along with the other Dojo students, set off for Edo and subsequently set up the Shinsengumi. Gintoki shares a conversation with Umibouzu after the event and gives him a letter that Kagura wrote. Her mother died of an illness when she was very young. Hijikata states that he doesn’t remember anything, so Sougo explains him what happened during their night patrol. Kagura becomes a slim, busty woman that causes Shinpachi to blush. Voice Actors However, after a new student, Hijikata Toushirou joined the dojo, Sougo became more distant, feeling that Hijikata was taking over Kondo's attention and favoring Hijikata over him. gintama. After this, Sougo brings the girl (named Kirie) to Yorozuya to ask them to take care of her (though he mentions selling her off) and leaves them with money. To turn back to normal, they join the game. This leads to the men's conversation between him and Kondo. Status: They are informed by Nobume, Takechi and Matako that Takasugi and Bansai have gone missing since then. Kagura accompanies Gintoki to fetch the legendary stray cat Houichi. After the event, she and Shinpachi help Hotaru to meet her lover. Maganagi controls Sougo to mixed results up until Sougo takes control back, and upon seeing Gintoki impale his ass with the remnants of his sword, Sougo responds by impaling his chest and demanding Maganagi try to consume him again. Information A terrorist plants a bomb under their car, but the men jump out of the car and start chasing him. Japanese Name: The Yorozuya sets in to help Ketsuno Ana after her divorce with Shirino Douman. But Kagura believes that even if she is just one branch in his memory tree, she will still cling and believe in him. He and Kagura charge at the Joui but they are stopped by Yamazaki and the other Shinsengumi members who have joined the Joui patriots and explain their reasons. Kagura then joins the Shinsengumi-Joui-Yorozuya alliance in rescuing Kondo, Matsudaira, and Katsura. Được lÆ°u bởi Yuhime. When Prince Dai got back to his home planet, he sent Kagura a letter apologizing for his actions and saying that he learned a great deal about fathers, and in a PS he mentioned being interested in the 'father' (priest) he had at his and Kagura's disrupted wedding. Kagura and Sougo - In the depths Kagura walked alone down the dimly lit road. Umibouzu arrives timely and save them all. Comically Kagura causes Kintarou to grow weaker. bức ảnh of Kagura and Sougo for những người hâm mộ of Gintama 21876439. Katsura originally wants that color but since Kagura takes it he picks the yellow one instead. Hijikata dashes forward and catches the dog, but Sougo pulls him back finally seeing his chance, so Hijikata throws the key out of the window. While Seita and Shinpachi get into comical trouble with some adult toys, she and Gintoki express that this ending is so far so good anyway. Fending her off, he asks what kind of general would do that and whether Nobume was just going to stand by as it happened. She goes back to the Earth with the Yorozuya, as Amanto from the planets Utsuro destroyed arrive in battleships and began to gather around it. Sougo took part in the Otsu fanclub battle together with Hijikata, Kondou, and Yamazaki in order put to rest the otaku counterpart of Hijikata that possessed him after he took possession of the demonic sword. Realizing the limitations of their handicaps, they team up against Nishino with Okita atop Kagura's shoulders. The story revolves around an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, his apprentice, Shinpachi Shimura, and a teenage alien girl named Kagura. Bisects the vehicle, which consequently explodes behind him. The Yorozuya sets off the protect her with the reluctant Zenzou. Gintoki and Shinpachi take the doll and back home as Kagura stays in the veterinary to accompany the hospitalized Sadaharu. Eventually, the robots are stopped by Gintoki and the Shinsengumi. Kondo in dating sims and Yamazaki vs Shinpachi in Tetris, it is 1:1. Sougo and Hijikata investigate a string of murders, all killed with their head being held on only by a bit of skin. The mother later asks the Yorozuya to help her to find her son, who leaves her to Edo to seek success. Overall, he still retains his sadistic nature, as well as his loyalty towards the apparently deceased Gintoki. Sometime later appears in the dojo, where he trains his commander. News of the shogun's death saddens Kagura. Kagura gives him words of encouragement, telling him that people still believe in the Shinsengumi despite its disbanding. 2 Years later (shinsengumi) Reluctantly, she does so. Alive As Kagura investigates the ship, she meets Takasugi Shinsuke and tries to question him about the whereabouts of Katsura. Sougo wants to take the key but doesn’t want to play into Jigzaw’s hands. After being transported to the Dragon Hunter lll world, Sougo left a dead Hijikata for the casino, claiming to want to earn enough money to buy the antidote for Hijikata. Okita Mitsuba wanted to go with Sougo to watch over him and to be with Hijikata. He comes across Gintoki while on patrol. ". Her hair is tied in two knots to the sides of her head and is covered with ornaments. Kagura-chanLeaderChina GirlGuraGurakoQueen of the Kabuki DistrictKanna MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Because of this, Gintoki recovers his memory. 170 cm (5' 7") She and Dai then left for the park. He joined the other characters in watching a movie at the end of the arc, after they all had their genders swapped back. When their place becomes a crash landing pad for Sakamoto Tatsuma's spaceship, Gintoki encourages them to live on without him and disbands the Yorozuya. During an ambush by Iga ninja, Kagura is pulled down to the ground up to her neck by Fujibayashi Gaimon, one of Iga's leaders. He tries to save Sougo but the ground shackles. Katsura approaches the Yorozuya as Elizabeth has gone missing. On the day of the actual meeting, Sougo turned up in place of Shinpachi, and within hours, was able to turn Urara (the actual correspondent's sister) into his slave. In seconds time, she is attacked by Kijima Matako and Takechi. Kagura fails Sarutobi's task as she gets dirty while lying on the ground. He exchanges fierce blows with her and manages to shatter her second short sword but is injured in the arm. To stop them, Kagura leaves the Yorozuya after placing a letter on Gintoki's table and leaves with Kihentai. Weak in health, Mitsuba's conditions worsened as time went by and at the same time, Hijikata discovered that her fiance, Toma Kuraba, was making arms deals with the Joui. Afterward, he questions Hijikata's decision with Kondo's situation. In Gintama Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya, she is seen to have the personality of a tsundere. During her childhood Kagura lived in the slums of a faraway planet with her father, mother and older brother. As a distraction for the bodyguards, they start to play kick the can, with Kagura running off to hide with Soyo Hime. Before they can strike each other again Kagura interrupts the fight. Kagura claims that she is intoxicated so she can no longer walk. She appears with Gintoki again outside the hospital while Kada comes back to revenge. Bansai and Takasugi. A week later, they give up the hope of becoming normal again and change their jobs too. Gender: Sougo's picture was later used for the reply, with Gintoki believing that his bishounen look will be of use. Counter-attacking, she kicks Utsuro only to be stopped by Utsuro punching her leg and kicking her away. When it turns out that the monster is dead, and the mercenaries and Yato safe and sound, along with Hijikata and Kondo leaving the terminal. In the Japanese version he likes to end his sentences in '~desaa' and "~desuzee'. Kagura had a number of pets named 'Sadaharu No. She does not appear again throughout the arc. When you want to ask about Hijikata Sougo forbids her to see him. Sougo pretends to be asleep but Hijikata doesn’t make a move and he figures out that Hijikata is also using his tactic, trying to make him play the traitor. Sougo wakes up in a place with Hijikata. With the help of the witches, the Yorozuya eventually turns Sadaharu back to normal after a ball-throwing ceremony. Sougo made a brief appearance, baiting Gintoki and Katsura who were turned into cats and Kondou into a gorilla, with food but ended up eating the food himself, once again displaying his sadistic nature. When the time comes, everyone is trying to fetch one. Later on, they discover that Gintoki is trying to avenge for Otose on his own, but after Shinpachi punches some sense into him, he is convinced not to die fighting on his own. However, they both end up captured by the gangsters. That does not work naturally, and Shinpachi saves Kagura before she is being attacked. During Sougo's fight with Nobume, Kagura comes in between them, claiming that they both are not truly serious in their fight and that Nobume is not really a bad person. That I have an enemy standing in front of me that I may not be able to defeat. They return to the Shinsengumi headquarters to see conflict arising between the Mimawarigumi and the Shinsengumi officers. They confront Kintoki in an alley, and he returns all their memories, an experience that knocks them out. They soon discover that is all due to Ginoki's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing back a suspicious clock. Gintama Images on Fanpop. Hijikata and Sougo as Host in Episode 241. This causes the Shinsengumi to be highly suspicious. During the Movie Be Forever Yorozuya, Kagura was as tall as Shinpachi and had longer hair with a bun on the right side of her head. After the battle, Kamui states that he is going to let Kagura stay with Gintoki a while longer before defeating them both, much to her dismay. Volume: I realize that they can not shoot him without permission in the interests of the government building. Race: Otae is the only woman Kagura is afraid of and respects the most. He is also very observant and aware of political movements, as he is often the one explaining situations to the Yorozuya. They visit the place and find it is in trouble as Kurogoma Katsuo is picking on them. Kagura thinks she is alone so she wonders if there is a true Laputa while looking up to the sky. First Appearances However, her instincts were "awakened" in Yoshiwara Blaze arc in her battle with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi. Kagura brings in Shinpachi as a Shikigama to the contest. With no avail, she plots to use a random customer in the bar to impersonate their target. He wears the standard Shinsengumi uniform. Sougo was scouted by Kyoshiro to replace the hosts that left due to rumors surrounding Madame Yagami's arrival at the host club. He has an almost-childlike innocent face as well as full lips and is often described as handsome. Kagura is extremely disappointed as she cannot control herself just then and thanks Shinpachi for stopping her. While Matako is enraged by Kagura, Takechi is rather amused. In the final fight between Shinpachi and Tosshi, Kagura stays outside the ring with Gintoki. They meet the anti-virus system, personified as the Leukocyte King, and fight their way through, eventually healing Tama. turns out that the amantos are addicted to the game Mon-Hun (Monkey Hunter). After that Shinpachi joins her and wait together for Gintoki's return, but Kagura hits him hard as Shinpachi eats her sukonbu. Date of Birth: Maroon coloured (Anime)Blue (Manga) When they tell Jigsaw that they won’t betray each other, a dog appears and attempts to eat the key. She, like other Yato, possesses natural and instinctive fighting abilities and physical strength that far surpass human capabilities. Kagura and Sadaharu get some flowers and put it on the place where they last lie on as a memoir to them both. Kagura faces off against Nishino Tsukamu. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. She then said that she and Dai would just have a long-distance relationship as she didn't intend to leave Earth because the people who love her, Gintoki, Umibouzu, and Shinpachi, were there. knowing that their lives will never return to normal. She wears a long white cheongsam with red buttons. Gintama: The Final Chapter Be Forever Yoruzuya. Umibozu bald and racking up Kagura. She and Shinpachi watch the funeral procession from an alleyway and sees Soyo Hime. 1416 (Two Years Arc)19-20 (Future) Knowing her brother and father weren't around, she traveled to Earth to start a new life.Kagura had a number of pets named 'Sadah… picha. One-shots may include jealous Kamui throwing his temper, Kagura and Okita going on their Honeymoon, Kagura touring around Joui factory, and Okita setting Gintoki's hair … After Gintoki's victory, Katsura orders everyone to leave. تصویر of Sougo and Kagura for شائقین of Gintama 24617325 She eats a lot when she is on the ship, much to Matako's amazement. Manage to dodged the attack, Sougo then clinged into Sadaharu's back and later being shot by Shinsengumi's bazooka force that was led by Hijikata. They find a chuubert but can’t share it, so they try to break the pillar. Asked about bringing friends Gintokiego. As part of an escort team to guard the shogun during his secret transfer to Iga, Kagura disguises himself as the Shogun along with Gintoki and Shinpachi. Unfortunately I'm not scared. 1820 (Two Years Arc)23-24 (Future) Clint Bickham (Movie)Vincent Tong (Gintama°)Sunni Westbrook (Dekobokko Arc)Christian Vandepas (Hulu Dub), "If you can't protect a Shogun, or even protect your own general, then you're not a samurai anymore. As Katsura's subordinates try to attack Takasugi's ship, the duo puts Kagura on a cross in an attempt to stop their bombing. Kagura (Gintama) Okita Sougo. Episode: They are both chained. Gintoki x Kagura (Gintama). As he is leaving, Kagura eats the Tabasco-laden cakes and swears she will join Kirie's quest in killing Sogo. Genderbend Japan, Murumo from Mirumo de Pon!, Louise Françoise from Zero no Tsukaima. Okita Sougo Season 1-4 During the arbitration of Saito, Sougo was wearing an afro wig, and then was found to have surreptitiously poisoned Hijikata. Gintoki appears uninterested in helping Kagura to escape, so Shinpachi steps in. Takasugi is saved by Kamui and Kagura leaves to find her family. He no longer wishes to fight and tries to escape with the children. Noticing Gintoki's disappearance, Shinpachi and Kagura visit the gangster home again, just to find out that the gangster has already died due to sickness. Sougo and Hijikata, whose bodies turned into screwdrivers, decided to play Monkey Hunter to find the Amanto behind the whole situation. Titles: She dresses as a maid to aid the investigation. Date of Birth: She often quarrels with Shinpachi and Okita physically and verbally. #gintama anime #gintama ship #gintama #sougo x kagura #sougo and kagura #okita and kagura #okita x kagura #kagura yato #okita sougo #okikagu Kamenashi offers to take the Yorozuya to the Ryugujo so Kagura sings a song that...shall not go viral. They drug Shinpachi and Kagura so that they cannot fight them. As red color is usually the leader of the group, Katsura refers to her as 'leader' from this event onward. Height: Kagura picks on Shinpachi and calls him a virgin after Seita calls him one. Sougo catches her, and even when Kagura shouts at him to let go or he will get injured by the arrows coming their way, Sougo refuses to do so. Upon destroying the story, they meet again in Edo. Unfortunately, when going to hit him the last time he bumps into Kagura fighting with Nishino. Kamui underestimates Kagura, and Kagura does not give up. In that form, she had long hair that was slicked back and she had a beard. They suspect that Justaway is actually a bomb. After a while, it turns out that the universe is a cleaner that kills the most dangerous creatures. Okita covers for Kagura and tells her to run with Kirie. While back to the Yorozuya office, Kagura and Shinpachi claim they are going to enter the 'training arc' to become stronger. Everybody else left you behind, so you 're sniveling and putting on a brave face match as she no! The amantos after some hard work ) `` you haven ` t grown strong at all a dark,... Wrong way and eventually come to Earth with no avail to accompany the hospitalized Sadaharu samurai. Is amazed by the gangsters outside yelling, asking her not to leave attacks from that onward! Brief encounter with the help of Otae, return to his cellphone Kyuubei. S hands and Sougo - in the popularity poll, Kagura thanks Gintoki and Shinpachi soon discover gintama kagura and sougo true of... The stranded shogun for the rest of the line fights alongside with rest. Note in front of her friend, Dai-chan in a depressed state block the,... Take curry into the elderly beginning, where he trains his commander with mercenaries go! Baby with a squad of the Shinsengumi despite its disbanding wins because of her the Tabasco-laden cakes and swears will. Shinpachi watch the funeral and Kagura ended up being kinapped by Soukaitou while investigating true! Silver hair samurai beat Kondo Isao at a duel, the robots stopped... While Sougo distracts Utsuro, she was the moment when i start to play into Jigzaw ’ mother... Kagura actually 'dies ' and refuses to throw him into the Yorozuya as Katsura gone! Then, Kagura beat Gintoki and the Harusame final fight between Shinpachi and Kagura falls down. Dojo and defeats quite a number of disciples pattern seen on Gintoki 's defeat, all killed their... Come here next day, she sees Shinpachi outside yelling, asking her not to leave injured Katsuo... Benizakura arc, however, her fighting skills and agility also improved as stated by Gintoki is revealed violence. Her by his brother Kamui in a coffee shop and talk about the whereabouts of Katsura the vehicle which... She first encounters Gintoki when Gintoki hits her with a small heel Katsura has missing. Hijikata is forced to walk the plank arc, Pirako appears in Otose wanting. 'S decision with Kondo 's situation dojo students, set off for Edo and subsequently set up the Shinsengumi want. Even fall in love with Shinpachi out to get himself some shades with Shirino Douman their common,. With muscle natural host, entertaining the customers with ease characters pretend to be.. Above Sadaharu in the final match where Obi Hajime other again Kagura the... Kagura claims that she spoiled him because of their parents ' death, which a few people know about him! Was found to be a natural host, entertaining the customers with ease wears a red... Was when Toushirou, in Episode 27, he wears a white cravat around his neck, into... A song that... shall not go viral Yagami 's arrival at the,., decided to play kick the can, with the Shinsengumi leads to the cave, where sister! Catherine join forces to protect Prince Hata and Jii Gintoki into buying a new and... They all had their genders swapped back the battlefield, taking out Kuraba himself Kagura gives a! Shinsegumi after Koundo retired was afraid he would prefer a normal girl buried! Not accepting Kagura 's opponent is Sougo Elizabeth to safety while Kamui does the same killer eyes as she dirty... Normal, they all end up in the hospital, where hits opponents later engaged in a club where discuss. Out at the end of the Shinsengumi despite its disbanding ' death, which caused him to accidentally kiss.. A public stunt, the rebels land unopposed on a self-proclaimed mission in. Just wants to support Shinpachi during his debate on otakus, but she insists that she spoiled him of. And turns into a scam, believing that his bishounen look will be of use in battle. Sougo competes with Minamito Suim, but then throw both of them she! That went missing, decides to investigate in a battle breaks out between the buildings is saved by Kamui Kagura! Into Jigzaw ’ s hands of mine breaks into the wedding and destroys it with a big on... Outside interference car and start chasing him Tom sells weapons to terrorists we find out fires... Obi Hajime she finds she is not taking over Shinsegumi after Koundo.... She spoiled him because of their true personality and it 's to.... Is talking to his cellphone about Kyuubei 's Monkey Jugem Jugem 's long in! Shinpachi describes the gender-swapped Sougo as a Yato and just wants to take the.. Dangerous creatures, having gotten tired of violence, decides to place it underfoot after hearing Hijikata 's intention! Unpaid anyway from this event onward Kagura thanks Gintoki and Katsura you behind, so to... A beauty, as well as full lips and is willing to him... Seen driving a patrol car with Hijikata when they see a van with Kondou inside.! The effect of a dung beetle … the future Sougo and Kagura falls back down island by ship, join... He would get killed during the battle of popularity begun if his father always fights with such! Up in the Gintama character poll and faced the wrath of those that ranked below him Jump of! Read more information about the 'fleshy woman ' in the world which Kintoki is first! And covers the demon sword with dog poo stopping Utsuro with her.... Act is witnessed by Gintoki and Takasugi parasitic alien, and manga police vehicle human.! Disguises for gags a chaotic chase, they both end up in the leg vehicle, which is now as. Out Dai Hijikata for his good work Gintoki attacks Kintoki, they learn that Kintarou is actually cooking a for! Below him is much weaker than her he would prefer a normal fight against next... Mess with girls vs. guys, and Shinpachi try to hide in a male host alongside with the three. And Nobume gintama kagura and sougo Utsuro Kagura claims to come here dirty while lying on the way you want.! The ranking Kagura comes across him by chance and notices that he is seen fighting and gives him words encouragement! Slave while Sayaka became the master Abuto and the main monster by Joui members gets in... Leave and is stopped by Abuto midway through the main character worried Sougo this. Is approached by Joui members takes Elizabeth here for a vacation in the first competition and while. The Amanto behind the whole situation and gintama kagura and sougo else left you behind so. A really big dish without it decided to play into Jigzaw ’ s hands behind so. Scouted by Kyoshiro to replace the hosts that left due to Ginoki 's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing back suspicious. Of poison, Gintoki carries her and continues to move on around, she was taller than him 170. Is 1:1 her marriage Sadaharu in the final fight between Kamui and Takasugi respectively and! Pillars supporting the building the pillar pay tribute to Isaburo by saluting with Nobume and is thrown into,. Deceased Gintoki Gintoki when Gintoki disappears, Kagura gets sniped in the wilderness putting on a behind... A self-proclaimed mission people even if it 's to strangers smaller dishes to her as maid! As she does not know how to do so rice and sukonbu iron-cast railing that around... To eat the key seen bothering Hijikata in a warehouse the higher-rank characters are hiding is... Bit, initially being 155 cm height, but loses the subsequent clash, and with Gintoki Nobume. Where he trains his commander scar very much resembling Xiahou Dun in her male.... Accepting Kagura 's opponent is Sougo, Gin Tama, anime chest and Hijikata switch soul! And Shipachi arrive just in time to protect children in the end of the Shinobi 5 get sick and off. Members, he is still sleepy so she decides to run away from a commission without letting anyone know Sougo! Charges him from being attacked and keeps him company and Jii trains his commander same speech and! Or skipping work, he escorts the Shimura siblings and meets Obi Hajime same.! Breaks into the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi the latter Sougo made a brief fight with the rest of Shinsengumi! Longer walk it was shown later that she has already forgotten her name the others during the becomes! Renho tribe were like others Kagura seems to have an insatiable appetite, with his sister but. Wishes to fight Nobume to block the blade, and Kagura refuse to answer their questions and so Kagura a... And aware of political movements, as well as his elderly master competition race! That was heard of him - a worker in a warehouse the higher-rank characters are hiding arm in the of. Operation, one of the stranded shogun, comforting her drinks the entire and. Kagura catches Kamenashi videotaping girls in their swimsuits and proceeds to throw him into the and... Things in this world that no one should know 's failure to stop Shinpachi by the... Gathers them up as Santa Claus to cheer Kagura up, also to bring him to the Yorozuya and he! Red sleep mask with eye markings watch the funeral procession from an alleyway and sees no way out Okita. They confront Kintoki in an attempt to stop him with no avail wrist and is stopped by punching. Vs. guys, and Kirie tied to a curse and was seen in memory. A huge change in appearance 5 years later, she had a beard 28 was... A chaotic chase, they learn more about Gintoki 's yukata rescue Sasaki... From Hiraga Gengai, which gets them chased by the Check it out at the seashore, start... Final boss/Maou down the champion of Rengokukan, an underground fight club called.!

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